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Davis VP2 (cabled), multiple buildings and private network

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--- Quote from: johnd on May 28, 2023, 01:39:24 PM ---...a plain Zero, but perhaps not much spare horsepower???)
--- End quote ---

My ZeroW seems tapped out running CMX with data pushed to my website

I was more pointing out that supplies seem to be coming available again.

Though you can run Culumus MX on a zero, it will not have much capticity leftover and some operations may take a long time (primarily those that involve scanning all the historic data of you have a significant amount).

MX will make use of those extra cores ;)

Thanks all, for the help. After a few tense moments I have my Davis Vp2 connected via Meteo Pi to a Raspberry Pi 3b+ running
the pre-built Raspberry pi image with Cumulus Mx pre installed. I think some better documentation for the Meteo Pi might go a long way in diagnosing communication what the command and data lights tell us and clearer steps one must do to get the pi to recieve data. Can access Cumulus from Android tablets, Android phone and windows pcs on a private network and pages display quickly and smoothly.
Now, just have a few hiccups to sort getting the time synced between station and p and cumulusi. And what about those crazy sunrise and sunset times? Tried to change the RTC time and for some reason just get error messages.(yes I did check the rtc battery voltage before I plugged the Meteo pi board onto the pi)
My ultimate goal is a larger wall mounted monitor run by a pi zero 2w,  displaying cumulus pages and security cameras.



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