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Davis VP2 (cabled), multiple buildings and private network

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Starting my search for a dependable solution to data log/display console info on a private network between 2 buildings. Have no interest in internet uploading or internet access on this private network but would like to be able to see console display on different windows laptops/pcs on this network. Not at the same time though. Viewed a couple of videos where people used a usb to eth hub with the VP2 usb logger as one remote solution.
Had thought of just pointing /framing up one of my security cams on the console display so I can view changing conditions but seems a lazy way out. There... enough said, "lazy" ...I don't really want to have to do much coding or web page production.

Any ideas/info would be appreciated ... before I invest any $$ or time into this.

I have a MeteoPi running CumulusMX.

The page is published but you don't need to.

I can also view all the gauges, data etc. of the Cumulus program from anywhere in my home network. Just browse to the local IP address.

It has been running without fail for over a year now. Always reconnects after power outages. I dont have to do a.thing.

Hey, this sounds pretty good. More sensible solution than going with an expensive Davis usb solution with all the flakiness of usb at times.  I have an unused pi 3b and believe I saw a pi image of cumulus somewhere on the net. Did you use a prepared image or did you install cumulus once the pi was running on some OS?


I forget what method I used to get it installed.

The Wiki should get you straight:

Very slim setup with RPI Zero and the HAT. One 5 volt power supply into the Pi powers everything, including the console.

Does Cumulus come with pre-designed pages or do you have to create one? I see some samples online that people are


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