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I subscribed to Pro before the end of 2022 so I could finally have cloud storage for historical purposes. I was amazed to learn that WL has been collecting data all along, you just don't get to see it unless you pay up  ](*,) Woo Hoo and Duh.

Anyway, something I can't figure out about WL. Why is there a delay for the uploaded data to be displayed? For example right now it is 12:28pm and when I look at the bulletin: Last updated: March 25, 2023 / 12:27 PM. But if I look at the Data page the most recent line shown is 3/25 at 1 am.

So where is the last 12 hours? I'm almost afraid this going to be something really silly. But I have to ask.

Bulletin data is within a minute or so but archive interval data is uploaded in hourly blocks and can be an hour behind. 12 hours behind isn't normal? Have you checked your time settings, time zone etc, UTC/Local?     

I checked, JIC. Yup, the time zone is correct.

I think the problem is Weatherlink 6.0.5. The bulletin is up to date but I have many times wondered it the data is being sent. And I know from the past that just because the Weatherlink Network Upload: On is showing, that doesn't mean the data is actually being sent. Lord knows connection problems are have been a topic forever.

From a weatherlink for Windows upload, the archive data should go up once an hour IIRC. But if there is an extended Internet outage for any reason then although the missed archive data will backfill, this process can take quite a while (eg several hours), depending on the period of outage.

Now that you have mentioned WeatherLinkPC (v6.05) in this, could you explain where WeatherLink 6.05 fits into this? Are you referring to the bulletin in WLPC or What Davis system/logger/upload means etc 


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