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Quick update!

In our latest release, you are now able to customise the font size and position of titles and sensor data within the sensor tiles. This makes it even easier to get a dashboard looking just right for your screen size.

Simply click on a tile in the dashboard designer. A pop-up utility tile menu will appear that gives you new options, including settings for font size and position. You can also copy a style from one tile and paste it to another. Check out the graphic below to see it in action.

Happy weathering :)

Hi everyone

It has been a while. So I thought some of you might be interested to know we’ve been busy making  lots of updates to the WeatherWizz dashboards, aiming to make it even easier for members to have great personalized online dashboards for their weather stations.

As a quick recap, we’ve made the dashboard designer even more flexible with more tools/options and reworked the weather data reports for analysis and download. We’ve also added what we think are some cool stuff like the ability to share data between members, for example, where you might display weather data on your dashboard from a friend or family member’s station.

We’ve also launched a new website that gives a more comprehensive overview.

Anyway, just in case you’re interested. :-)

As always, if you need any help just post a message or shoot me an email.


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