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Cutty Sark Sailor:

--- Quote from: ocala on February 11, 2023, 11:52:17 AM ---Awesome.
It's great that you have a good place to site your anny.
Many of us are quite jealous.

--- End quote ---
Actually, the site environment is lousy.
As all of us serious 'older-timers' realize, you don't "plug'n'play" this stuff! ](*,) ...and you don't sit back and ignore it!  Monitor, maintain, etc! And ya don't whine and moan... ya research, learn, share [tup]
It's a matter of OPTIMIZING in a situation like mine:

 ... optimizing takes workable software, time, effort, innovation, trial-observation-error-adjust and repeat... . Device quality and specs not-withstanding...
(Stephen Burt's Weather Observer's Handbook should be a mandatory resource for us 'civilian amateurs')

In this case it's a Davis Vue, with 'obsolete' VWS software and Ken's Saratoga package for VWS...

 It just happens, precisely for my site/location, that mine is 'optimized' for 'prevailing' direction S-SW,  which is the direction those gusts originated.
I had also used my 'balloon-on-a-string' method initially years ago, and periodically over time to locate where the average 'boundary layer' effect begins to decline for the mount height/location, and that begins to smooth about 8-15 feet above the nearby roof(s).
So THAT is also taken into account, again for prevailing S-SW... there is a bit more error other directions, but "she" does pretty well until we 'blow' out of the East/Southeast... take those with an 'uh, maybe' in mind.
Then, ESPECIALLY for wind I have avg direction offset, gain, etc in that obsolete VWS package.

A crappy site can perform well if the optimizing is done.  That 'boundary layer' effect not only screws-wind-with-a-grin, but also affects temp, pressure, and humidity... not to mention precipitation!

Thanks for the nice words.... !

Know what you mean. I did some research also but when you are surrounded by tree's you are attached to another object by an inclined plane wrapped helically around an axis.
My only unblocked view is to the SE, S, and SW as seen by my tower cam.
Anny is about 10 feet above this.
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