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Fall/Winter 2022

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This is an interesting time being so close to the big water.  From now until the lake freezes, I will be about 5-9 degrees warmer than just a few miles inland, the waters hold a lot of heat.  Expect to have peak color within the week.  I hike with the dogs at a rec area south of me, they call it a mountain (not) but the elevation does facilitate faster color changes.  We hike in the morning when the sun is just coming up, really pretty and peaceful.  Have to say Fall is my favorite time of year, next is winter until about middle of January, the it well it is cold.  Will try to get some Fall pics and post.


We haven't seen any of this yet but it has been very windy and cold all day in the Chicago area.
Comment from the local NWS in Chicago (Romeoville office):

Some of these have produced brief
"snow globe" behavior with ~1 SM visibility underneath them,
including even in the far western forecast area (near Rock Falls
and Rochelle).


Much too early for this kind of stuff!

Our summer is essentially over.
First CF of the season. Low 40's and mid 70's.
Sad to see summer go. Now it's Chamber of Commerce weather for 6 months.
Boring. :sad:

Hoping here for the first good rain of autumn to put a dent in the drought.  Late Sunday night into Tuesday has chances of it bringing over an inch of rain.  It's needed to discourage the brush fires.  An example of what they leave behind is pictured near Stillwater.  Maybe it explains why I had a power outage Friday morning for a about an hour.


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