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Universal wants to remake Twister!!!!!!!!!!! No, I say. NO.

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Is nothing sacred anymore? Has Hollywood officially run out of ideas? This is blasphemy!!!!

Time to boycott, protest and cancel. Riot. Loot the streets. Burn down the movie theater.


I wouldn't mind looking at Helen Hunt for 2 hours again. :-)
But that was 24 years ago and we did lose Bill Paxton 3 years ago.
I'm always up for a good weather movie so yes I say.

If they could re-do the digital stuff, but leave the rest intact, it wouldn't be all bad.

Although they were cutting edge in 1996, the CGI is a little "crude" compared to what they have now.

Didn't they re-render parts of Star Wars and Jurassic Park?

But if this is a total remake, most of them don't turn out so well. I still prefer the original Andromeda Strain over whatever they did with that remake. Yuck.

Greg H.

Total remake/reboot.   :mad:

The 1996 tornado-CGI was pretty good for the time. Some of the sound was Jurassic Park dinosaurs and cougars slowed down.  IMDB has a great page on it.

They should remake it but maybe change it up a bit, like have some sharks flying in the tornado.

 :grin: :grin: :grin:


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