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Posting to Windy for non-CWOP stations - Map display

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If anyone is uploading directly to and is not on CWOP please reply with your Windy station ID or station URL.

I'm looking to see if non-CWOP stations show on the Windy map. For my station and anyone else's that I've checked so far they are all also on CWOP so that doesn't help me as they show on the map as CWOP stations.


Not what you asked, galfert, but I'm seeing the name of my station (Outlook Drive) now next to the CWOP (see pic). If I click on the "55" I still get the CWOP report.

Yes I can see my own Windy station name too (non-CWOP). But that is only because I went to it and/or made it a Favorite.

What I want to know is if non-CWOP stations show up on the map without doing those things. I don't need anyone to figure this out. Just share your station ID if you are on Windy and you do not report to CWOP.

I'm tempted to just temporarily create a dummy station somewhere on the map to find out. Seems a bit disingenuous to mess with the map that way even if temporary. So I rather someone just share their station ID.

My station ID is f06ebac8

If you look at the map here:,-2.243,12,i:pressure

Can you see my "Wilmslow Astro" PWS station in Wilmslow?

Thank you that answers the question!

ANSWER: YES Windy pws stations show up on the map that aren't also CWOP stations.

This is a Windy pws:
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...but if you report to CWOP and to Windy directly then your CWOP station takes precedence on the map. That doesn't mean you can't force the map to show you the Windy pws though. It just has to then be done on an individual basis by setting a Favorite or going to the direct link for that station.

This is a CWOP station that also has a Windy pws station ID but you wouldn't know just by looking at the map:
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