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Sharing Data to more than one weather site?


I have my Acurite system up and running.

It is currently linked to weather underground via AcuRite smart hub.  I set up an account on PWS weather but when I went into "MY AcuRite" to start sending data,  I do not have the "ADD" option to click on.  Its there, but is greyed out.

I was looking at my HD display and pretty much I am stuck with the Smart Hub because my HD display does not have a USB port.

Can anyone shed some light on this?


Hi NinJinn - MyAcurite (and your SmartHub) only support sending to Weather Underground.  Since you already have that set up, there is no additional sites to Add.  To do more, you need something like Kevin's SmartHub Reader (what this sub forum mostly discusses) or Meteobridge


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