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I've just been reminded by a local press story alluding to the Wx Channel or someone taking the arrogant step of deciding they would be naming winter storms, and they would be deciding what the names would be.

This really rubs me the wrong way, and while hurricanes have been named for decades, to grandstand and try to draw further attention to themselves beyond what they already do in a grandiose fashion that they do over even ordinary weather reporting, is really irritating.

My irritation is over their non-science approach and seemingly doing us a favor by naming storms which no one will remember anyway, is the reaction they wanted, just to get a reaction.  But the somewhat less weather-oriented and science based folks will see some of the dribble in the ordinary news and assume that there is some sort of official imprimatur associated with it.

But commercial products will do anything they can to get attention and even be briefly in the limelight.  Oh well.  I just hope those true weather aficionados who tend to hang out here will join the movement of ignoring the WxChannel and all their self importance.  I'll just wait to see re-runs of their reporters out in high winds freezing their tushes off.

NOAA needs to come out with a strong statement in opposition to this silliness.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of former top level NWS people that have gone to the dark side are are raking in bucks from The Worst Channel.

Maumelle Weather:
I agree 100%, Dale. Ever since they were bought out by Comcast, I knew crap like this would happen. This has been an ongoing reality show based on weather. I can certainly see why so many former Mets left the company or were let go. I haven't watched in over 15 years, and do not see this changing anytime soon.

Never have heard anyone use the Snowstorm name after is goes away.

I never watch the Weather Channel, so I was not even aware of this storm naming. Our local broadcast stations apparently don't follow their lead as I don't think I have heard any of my local stations refer to a winter storm by name ... except for some generic names like the 2007 "Valentines Day Blizzard".


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