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Has anyone ever had TOA Systems contact them with a request to place a USPLN sensor at their location?

Maumelle Weather:
I have not, but if they were to ask, I would say Yes with the condition of me getting free data access. Especially if you are using my internet connection.

I talked with Tim Bent, the President TOA Systems, today and I'll be hosting a sensor station for them. They are contacting some people to help fill in some holes that they presently have in the US. In my case they are having issues with stations in the Keys and the Bahamas so my location will be filling in for those stations. I should be getting the hardware within a couple weeks.... as long as Hurricane Matthew doesn't put a delay in the schedule.

For hosting the sensor station I will get full access to their data throughout the world. Basically he said any info they have I will be able to access. I will not be able to use that live data on my web site. They do have some publically available information and we will look into being able to display some of that information on my site.

They are also working on some new 3D systems and I may also be able to work with them as they develop them. Should be interesting and exciting. Love playing with new toys!

Sounds like a good deal you got there. I sure wouldnt mind doing that too.

I got all of the equipment today. Hope to get it installed this weekend. Problem is, not much lightning this time of year :(


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