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Weatheroz --

I noticed your link was a little different to mine. I login multiple times a day on average, bit of a lurker really.

Anyway, this is the link I use from my bookmarks.. Try it, it may work

Ex-kiwi, ex-Aussie, now in the Sonoran Desert in Arizona

Hi an old thread,
Though thought relevant.
The new url is actually:
However this morning it seems it is not accessible, well for me anyway.
Was OK a couple of hours ago.

Kind Regards,


--- Quote from: BeaumarisWX on May 08, 2023, 05:34:23 PM ---The new url is actually:

--- End quote ---

Good catch  :-)

Unfortunately the developer no longer visits the Forum, but members will try to help. If that fails, you can e-mail him direct.

Cheers running normal again.

Seems WD is Down ?
Kind Regards,


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