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Storm Movies and Netflix.

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Anyone have any good storm movie finds from netflix? One i'd recommend is "Tornado!" (spelled just like that).

I'd give it 3 stars (out of 5).

Was slow at times, and predictable. But all in all, i thought was a pretty good movie. Not great, but pretty good. I've watched a few, some were awful, and some were not bad. I'd put "Tornado!" in the "not bad" list.

I can't think of any good ones I've seen right off the top of my head, most crappy b movie twister rip offs.  I'll check out Tornado! though, I haven't seen that one.

Although I did not like it as well as "Twister", "Tornado" wasnt half bad.... Personally though, I think I liked "Storm Cell" a little bit more.

I hope you enjoy it IMADreamer :) And Farmtalk, thanks for suggesting Storm Cell, i'm going to look it up right now and watch it :P

Edit: Aww, its dvd only, but i put it in queue :)  we'll watch it in a day or so when it gets here, looks like a great movie, right up my alley!


Nice pun man!!!


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