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So I just noticed my Air Quality states Good, when in the NE we are all under an Unhealthy air quality status.

So, I'm just looking for a quick reference on where to look for the settings for the program and if/where the links should point to receive the air quality report for my area.

I'm not sure if that comes out of AVP or BGM

Also I know there are settings in the wxaqrissV2.php script but for some reason I believe there are also settings in the ajax-dashboard??

Thanks for any direction!

Here is a website you can use to see the map of what stations are reporting

With the smoke you should be able to get an idea of air quality just by looking at the haze to see how it compares with what's being reported.

Don't know anything about the programs you're using, hopefully someone else can answer.

So In my get-aqi-rss.php I have -- //Current Air Quality URL
$urlRealtime = "";  //Baltimore, MD  I am not in the Baltimore area so I would believe this is wrong and that air quality number seems to match the number on my web page.

In my wxaqirssV2.php it also has the ""; listed along with $hourlyaqianimation = "";
I think the region I am looking at should be -- "ny_pa_nj";

I would try changing the values but I really don't know where to find that info.

I'm only guessing at this point and most likely totally wrong.

First Thanks SnowHiker!

I think I got it basically in the get-aqi-rss.php script /Current Air Quality URL
$urlRealtime = "";  //Baltimore, MD

So I started 8.xml -- 7.xml -6.xml Then found and got my area's info plugged that in and it seemed to work, Then I went into my wxaqirssV2.php file and changes all the 9.xml to 571.xml so far it seems to work

Please let me know, if I'm right or back to the drawing board. Lol


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