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NWS Alerts script and Cron Jobs


Hello everyone,

I've been using cron-job.org for years to execute my nws-alerts,php script, but recently I've had problems with my hosting provider "throttling" access.  I'll frequently get a 403 (Forbidden) error and often times the cron job will shut off due to multiple consecutive failures.  I've also not been able to find a way to white-list cron-job.org's IP addresses.

I figured I could set up a cron job through my hosting provider itself, but I'm running into issues there as well.  I'm trying to set the command "/usr/local/bin/php /hidden/for/privacy/nws-alerts.php" to run every minute (* * * * *).  The cron job itself is running, but the output of the script is odd, as if I have no zones configured:

--- Code: ---<!-- nws-alerts.php - V1.44 - 13-May-2023 -->
<!-- 0 unique Zone entries found. Zones='' -->
<!-- Cron job enabled -->
<!-- unable to open cache file -->
<!-- unable to open cache file -->
<!-- unable to open big icon cache file -->
<!-- Total process time: 0.0049 seconds -->
--- End code ---

It processes fine if I call nws-alerts.php from my browser...  anyone run into this issue before?  Appreciate any help.


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