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Big upgrade to my WD version- any problems?


After many years, I'm finally getting around to updating things. First on the list was moving from piece-mealing my Saratoga stuff to the latest version. Getting that established & now I want to finally update my WD from 10.37R b81 to the latest - 10.37S b148.

My biggest question with WD is should I anticipate any setbacks by making that big of a jump or should I step it thru various versions to the latest? Anyone make this big of a leap? (Full backup is of course square1.)

BTW - hats off to Ken True on this template set & it's easy updating - brilliant work!

I think as you are so far back I'd take it in stages. You can download the older versions at Also one of the newer versions required the Edge browser, not an issue if you already have that.  I'd be careful going beyond build 146 if you have a solar sensor as my recent experience has shown a change in the expected solar maximum values generated and in turn affects the sunshine hours being calculated. I'm in the process of trying to determine what settings I need to get my sunshine hours back to where they should be.


Nice link - thanks for that! I'll "move" my 37Rb81 to my "work machine" & check my progress as I step along.

I don't have any problems running the 37Rb81 other than a few tags not implemented & a few FTP issues. My testtags is updated for the current tags but they don't fill. I've updated the FTP exes along the way to get around those issues but a few still vex me. the moondetail gifs for one.  Just can't seem to get those auto-uploaded. I figure I'm trying to get it all updated for PHP8, I might as well do WD as well.

So after running WD on my "work box", I decided to see the result of just applying the 37Sb145 upgrade to it. I didn't see any issues so I applied it to the Wx machine. Seems to be w/out problems. Some small issues - my solar reads would occasionally flip to '-100' after that <span would ajax. Didn't have much time to look into it as it was close to end of day but I don't think it's a hard fix. Testtags showed the correct values as did WD console itself. Moontransit is still an issue as is uploading the moondetail images. They'll upload when WD first starts but not on scheduled uploads.

Other than that I don't see any issue w/ the 'big jump' so far.

The solar issue seems to have resolved itself. Kept checking today & never saw the -100. The moontransit time is present in the wxastronomy page but not on the moondetail images nor is local time correct on them. FTP logs show them uploaded at 0605hrs but not since. I'll try clearing that setup & look again.


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