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Weewx vs. Cumulus MX


Hello, I am soon getting a Davis Vantage Pro2 and wanting to upload live weather data to a website using the Davis USB data logger and a Raspberry Pi and I can't seem to decide whether to use Weewx or Cumulus.

I have read up on both and both seem like a good option I just dont know which one will be easier to set up and forget about or if it needs a lot of work to maintain.
If anyone knows which one is better overall it would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks :-) 

CumulusMX is definitely easier and faster to setup without much knowledge of the operating system and has a variety of functionality - including standard web pages or advanced web page design (CumulusUtils). CMX runs on Windows, Linux derivatives and MacOS.

Weewx (together with a lot of extensions) is a jack of all trades or a Swiss knife, but also needs more (sometimes much more) knowledge of Linux operation systems and Python programming language if you want to go beyond the standards. It runs on Linux derivatives only.

By the way, you can deploy both in parallel on a Raspberry Pi (3 or 4).
If I were you, I'd install both and figure out what you like more - or for what purpose you consider which one to be more useful.
I myself run both in parallel.

Have a look at my weather landing page (signature) and see what all can be doen with both.


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