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Hi everyone - Perused this site a bit and have tried a few different options but have seem to strike out thus far. Thanks in advance for any guidance or recommendations:

I have an Ambient WS-5000 with 2 indoor temp/RH sensors (and of course the outdoor sensors for wind, UV, temp, RH, precip, etc.

Issue I am trying to solve:
The Ambient Weather app is clunky to say the least.
Reviewing my historical data - I only have 5 min resolution - and that is in tabular form. The graphs smooth the data out to daily resolution.
Reviewing the 5-min tabular data misses min/max. For example - I have a High (Tmax) on 7/5/22 of 88.9 at 12:41 (per the daily summary report), but if I export the available CSV data from the 5-min resolution data, it tells me the Tmax was 88.5 at 12:40.

What I'd like:
The ability to review my historical data, and trend/overlay it to see patterns (mostly for fun/amateur curiosity purposes)
I also want the ability to review my historical data of my indoor sensors (the third party API options I use - e.g. Wunderground and PWS only show the outdoor sensor data). Seeing how the temperature changes inside at the 2 different locations relative to the outdoor conditions is of interest to me - it gives me insight into the energy efficiency impacts and how to best optimize the HVAC system in the house in winter vs summer for example.

Are there solutions out there that others are using to address these needs? I'm willing to pay a reasonable monthly subscription - I know software development isn't free!, but I don't have the coding skills to make this myself!

Thanks in advance

Check out weather display at

ditto weather display.   does all and more

Don't discount CumulusMX ( just becuase it's free. Yes Weather Display is very extensive in it's ability but so is CumulusMX and has one advantage that the same executable runs under Linux (using Mono) and Wndows (using .net) and has a ready made Raspberry Pi install.

Just to be clear I use both  ;)


and you have the (free) weewx, the jack of all trades weather program with all its available extensions.
But it's also very complex and you need to be familiar with the Linux operating system and have some database knowledge if you want to go beyond simple standard weather data.

I'm using both CumulusMX and weewx in parallel - each for special purposes.
Have a look at my weather landing page (see signature).

Depending on what you want, there are also customizable templates like Weather34, PWS-Dashboard, Meteotemplate ....
you can also have a look at Meteobridge (best on a RPi4B-2GB imo - comes with a license fee) which is for most purposes easy to handle without being a computer adept.


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