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Ok I keep running full-speed into a wall in trying to get StartWatch to monitor all the applications I want monitored.  I encountered this issue several years ago with StartWatch trying to monitor Weather Display, before finally throwing my hands up and giving up on the project.  Now many years and one new PC later, I'm running into the same problem with a different set of applications.  Oddly enough, Weather Display is being monitored just fine (which, honestly, is what I'm primarily concerned about).

The issue seems to focus on a group of programs that run out of the same directory.  Initially, StartWatch started up and monitored these programs just fine.  However, over the course of continuing to configure StartWatch with the other Programs to watch, delays, testing, etc., StartWatch began to have issues starting/monitoring this one group of applications from one specific directory.  It's almost as if the target location of these exe files didn't exist.  After the Start Sequence is triggered, these applications wind up in a state of "Not Monitoring (Unable to start program - check program path and filename".  Of course I've triple checked both the path and the filename.

Have any other StartWatch users encountered this issue before?  I'm stumped...   ](*,)


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