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Need to replace WeatherTracker -- what else would work

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I have four weather stations connected to my LAN and want to see their data on WUnderground. Three are Davis stations using the IP version of WeatherLink. One is an Ambient station.

For the three Davis stations I have been using WeatherTracker to upload data to WUnderground. But that software now crashes at least once per day.

I want a SIMPLE, uncomplicated program (therefore, not WeatherLink software) that uploads the data to WUnderground and connects to the weather devices via an IP address (NOT COM port) to my always-on Windows 11 PC. That's it. I don't care about fancy displays or analytics.

What can people recommend? Thx.

Garth Bock:
Do you want weather software that will connect to all three stations or just one ? I have never seen PC based software that will connect to multiple IP station addresses. Cumulus 1.9 (the old version not supported but works fine) is easy to setup and can connect via IP.  If you just want it to just upload to WU and not provide anything fancy it would be good. It's donation-ware (not a license purchase). Some here will recommend Cumulus MX but if you want something quick and easy to just upload to WU then the old Cumulus is quick and easy. Weather Display which is more of a Swiss Army knife can upload to multiple sites but there is more of a learning curve and it requires a paid license.

If you have 3 consoles and WeatherlinkIP loggers then you can run 3 instances of CumulusMX (yes you can use Cumulus1 as well but that is a little more complicated in running all 3 on the same PC).  Both Cumulus1 and CumulusMX will upload to Weather Underground, and to other sites as well.  With CumulusMX you can access and view from any PC or device on your local network.

Unfortunately, most programs now come with fancy displays and analytics :( ;)


Thanks very much for the help. Couple of clarifications...

1. I don't mind having fancy displays and analytics -- I just don't value them, specially if they look like they come from DOS!
2. I need to run 3 instances of the software -- one for each of the 3 Davis stations
3. The Ambient station runs independently and doesn't need WeatherTracker.
4. I don't mind paying for the software.

I looked at Weather-Display but it appears to require you to use a serial cable and set a COM port, at least according to the Wiki manual. Has this changed? Can you specify a TCP/IP connection instead?

Cumulus looks like it might work. I tried it years ago and gave up on it for reasons I don't remember. Worth a look again perhaps. Can you run multiple instances of it?


Weather Display will handle IP connections including WLL and you can run multiple instances of it.



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