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WI-FI LOGGER 2 Pause Message


Can anyone advise about the “pause auto” message?


I believe it means it also uploading data to your Weather software. When it does that it shows pause on the screen while it's doing that. It only does it at your selected archive interval.

Mine stays like that all the time while Meteobridge is getting the data. It refreshes every minute as it Auto Pauses.

PAUSE = PC software is connected to the console using port 22222.
PC software like WeatherLink PC, was designed for RS232 connection, where is only one device connected to the port.
So PC software like to have total control over console.
When PC is connected to the console via WiFiLogger, then WiFiLogger should not ask console about anything. It is not allowed.
WiFiLogger internal export functions are PAUSED. WiFilogger will not send any data to WL.COM, WU etc.


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