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Fall/Winter 2022

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--- Quote from: ValentineWeather on May 03, 2023, 05:23:43 AM ---Our cooling trend across the high plains started last Nov. and continues into the spring. Here in Valentine measured (67.1") (1.7 meters) of snowfall this season. The bigger snows came pre-Christmas along with a 3-day blizzard so was on the ground all winter.
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Something is wrong—we are in global warming. Your stats must be wrong! Maybe I can keep my gas stove after all!

I hear you. Something that happened in Valentine was our airport ASOS mysteriously and suddenly started reading (+1.8°) high during Obama's last year in office.  I can't say whether it was done on purpose but can confirm they finally adjusted it back to normal last June after (6 years) and was told by a NWS employee I was right about it all along. I had done several field tests to confirm the error was real and blogged about it multiple times on my website so the local forecast office was aware of my concerns.  I'm not sure this didn't happen with other stations around the country. Many factors have biased numbers toward warming from poor thermometer siting including heat islands at almost every major city to just the fact they went from mercury thermometers to thermistor types that respond faster than old mercury thermometers.  Lots of things are in play and being ignored if it doesn't fit into the climate cult narrative.


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