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RG-11 relay lifespan



I'm just wondering has anyone worn out a relay on RG-11 by using it on high sensitivity settings for a long time?
Maybe there is some point on the PCB which can be used as a digital output?


   I'm not familiar with the RG-11 but if it has a relay then it has a coil, so put a optoisolator across the coil and then you have your digital output.

Sounds like you might be better off with an RG-15 which has 'NPN Open Collector Output 100 mA / 80V Max' in place of the relay.

I have been running a RG11 for at least five years. I couldn't remember exactly when, but my earliest post involving the Hydreon was 2014: (this makes it 6+ years)

I have it set to emulate 0.001" per tip, specifically so it didn't "beat the relay to death"...

The only thing that I had to do is to replace the "lens". The original one developed significant crazing after a few years. I treat it with "Plexus" every once in a while.

Other than that, it still works perfectly and detected rain just yesterday. (See the rain page on my website)

By the way, they are offering a "Solid State" version (RF15) now:

Greg H.

Relays usually have a life cycle rating that states how many cycles or operations it will last.  That rating is usually fairly high.  If you can access the relay in the unit there are usually part numbers on the relay and you may be able to do a web search to find the specification for the relay in the unit.  If the relay is bad and you can get a part number then you can probably find a replacement online.  If you decide to put in something other than what is currently installed you will need to take the load you are switching into consideration.  The existing relay has a rating for voltage and current.  Is the load within the rating?  What load is being switched by the relay?


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