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I am running NWS-Alerts Version 1.43 on stand alone pages, I have stopped the summary page from being used but want the nws-details page to open in a new page when clicked on in the alerts box preferably in a resized window . Can anyone tell me how and what to edit to do that ?
I hope this is posted in the right place

This is an old topic but I have the same needs.

Just use target="_blank" in your url

Thanks for the reply. The URL in the file "new-alerts-summary-inc.php" line 47 is generated by the PHP script. I did indeed add the "target="_blank" tag into the code on line 49. It's not throwing any errors but is not exhibiting the desired behavior.

I had previously added the onclick="" in the iframe code and that worked on a previous version of the scripts package. That is not working. Tested on multiple browsers.

--- Code: ---47    $alerts .= '   &nbsp;&nbsp;'.$aav[$i][10].'&nbsp;<a href="'.$alertURL.'?a='
         48          .$aav[$i][14].'#WA'.$aav[$i][13].'" title=" &nbsp;Details for '.$aav[$i][12]
         49          .' '.$aav[$i][0].'" style="color: #000; target="_blank">'.$aav[$i][0].'</a> - <br>Expires: '
         50          .$expires."<br />\n";
--- End code ---

I am wondering:
1. If I am using the correct file.
2. The line(s) of code are the right place to edit.

I think you need a closing double quote on line 49 after style: style="color: #000;"


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