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I just invited the developer to join the conversation. Hopefully they'll jump in. I see that there has been recent updates, so it isn't abandonware. This app has lots of potential. I just wish it was more reliable for current data instead of showing dashes sometimes.

This is a map of the stations contained in the app. As you can see no cwop. It may have had them at one time but not this version.

Follow these instructions to add CWOP stations:

I'm the developer of the NOAA Weather app. I guess the answer about it using the CWOP network is a bit of mix.

Since this is a NOAA based app, my goal is always to match pretty closely what you would see on, and that means a more restricted station list. I did add an option to use an alternate station list as mentioned, but this isn't exactly the CWOP network. The station list comes from MesoWest/SynopticLabs. They have data for a wide range of stations which you can view at

If this option is used a list of the closest active stations with air temp data are requested for the following networks:

I believe some of those are part of CWOP. The reason I choose those networks is because the app still requests the actual data directly from a NOAA API and those were networks I determined NOAA's API would return data for. For whatever reason the NOAA API will return data for networks that doesn't use. This may be a little confusing and it is kind of a mess which I'm simplifying somewhat. NOAA is in the slow process of updating their APIs so there is a possibility this could improve in the future.


Thank you Paul for joining.

MesoWest/Synoptic Network ID 65 is CWOP. Most CWOP station owners know that their station is picked up by MesoWest via NOAA MADIS ingestion. We often visit MesoWest directly to see data and analysis. So this is great that you added that capability.

Can you provide more information as to why sometimes CWOP stations data shows up as - - (two dashes)?


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