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Does anyone know of an app that can keep the temperature of my station in the notification bar and then change the station  based on the GPS?
The only 2 I know of, do not work. Weatherunderground and the Weatherstation app.
Can't find any others.

NOAA Weather Unofficial - Granite apps

I shouldn't have posted that. I hadn't looked at that app in some months. I had it installed but I had the notification bar setting turned off. I've now revisited the app and I now see that it inconsistently loads data for some CWOP stations. Meaning it is hit or miss in all the data. I remember now having emailed the developer and bringing this issue up. They then did a database update and it worked for a while (a day or so) and then it became hit or miss again. I shelved this app back then but kept it installed. I guess it is still beta. looks like a nice app. It has potential which is why I kept it installed.

I don't have any other recommendations.

Already tried it. Only uses official NOAA sites for temp notification.
Thanks anyways.
I really wish Weatherlink would add this functionality to their app.

It isn't just for official NOAA sites. All CWOP stations show up. If you see your station and the temperature shows dashes that is the missing data I'm talking about. Sometimes it is there and sometimes it isn't. Look at a different CWOP station and it may have all the data.


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