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Weatherlink Live doesn't work with Globe

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I finally got an answer,  although their does have under sharing that is there, it doesn't work.  Only the Ip on their site, unless youare sending data via email or another program.

The WeatherLink Live does not support Globe. There are several reasons for this, but the main one is that the Live is treated totally different as it supports up to 8 WEATHER STATIONS, where the IP only support 1 weather station. The data is written and treated much differently.

I think they’re working on finally adding support for it coming up.


--- Quote ---The WeatherLink Live does not support Globe.
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Thanks as I hadn't caught that connection.  I am aware that my WLL account does not have Globe in the Upload settings, however my non-WLL account does have the Globe upload option and fixed at 15 minute interval.  Unfortunately it hasn't updated since 2021. 

The non-wll is updated by my WiFiLogger and I have added the Globe upload but it has not updated on Globe since 2021.  WiFiLogger also has a direct Globe update option but I have disabled it as WiFiLogger then goes into a 15-minute interval for Archive data and I want 5-minute.  Maybe the 5-minute archive setting in WiFiLogger and from there a 5-minute interval at is stopping from updating Globe.

--- Quote ---I think they’re working on finally adding support for it coming up.
--- End quote ---
If combination is able to upload to Globe then I may be back in business \:D/


I also have an IP logger and that updates to Globe. BUT only the ISS, not the soil unit

I did at one time as well. GLOBE told me they’re really trying to get WLL support going. My work may supply me with a test one so we can try to speed this up. It’d be nice.


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