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Another cut at the RG11 as a rain intensity sensor

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Aussie Susan:
At risk of 'hijacking' this thread, I have an RG-15 that, at least in my experience, is woeful.
I have it connected to an XBee3 and ultimately my Home Assistant via an ESP32 and MQTT.
In my experience I am getting nearly continuous 'rainfall' even on the sunniest of summer days. It does trend upwards a little when it does actually rain but the variations I'm seeing normally (i.e. no rain) make it virtually impossible to separate the signal from the 'noise'.
Does anyone else have any experience wth this rain gauge and/or is this a common symptom for the RG-xx family of gauges?

Aussie Susan:
I've managed to solve my problem with the RG-15 and i thought that it *might* be useful to other RG-xx users.
The RG-15 has two ways to power it: 5V and 3V3.
For various reasons (mainly because the device it was attached to had 3V3 only) I was using the 3V3 connecting to power it. However that seems to be the cause of the problems I was having (lots of spurious 'rainfall' signals).
As soon as I switched to powering the device from the 5V connection all that went away, and I now have a (seemingly) reliable rain gauge.
I'm now sending the 'rain accumulation' figure to my Home Assistant and then using a 'statistics' integration to provide a daily rainfall figure.


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