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I'm still running my production system with Windows 7-Pro, but have a test weather software system with Windows 10-Pro.
I tried to run VWS 15p03, and received an error message (attached) -- VWS wouldn't start.

I contacted Ed and he said
--- Quote ---Just delete the file c:\vws\WININET.dll and restart


--- End quote ---

so I renamed WININET.dll to old-WININET.dll, then VWS would start and work again.  This may only happen with folks who have older installations of VWS and have updated them over the years, but it's something to be aware of.

Happy updating...

Best regards,

Ive updated my Hard drive with the SSD drive had to reload win 10 for what ever reason I cant seem to get VWS to load I have the latest version. I keep getting some message that say's no software will be installed or removed. Any help would be appreciated ](*,)

I finally got it working this morning. \:D/

One tip on working with both Windows 10 and Windows 8 for that matter.  Even when you do a "restart" in the menu, it isn't a full restart like Windows 7 and older does.

I've had issues where an install hung and I had to do a reboot.  Start the install again and it would say a previous install was already working.

To do a full and true restart in Windows 8 and 10, go to the Command Prompt.  Run shutdown /r /t 0 .  That is /r for restart.  /t 0 is time zero seconds until reboot.  You can do a /s for shutdown instead of /r if you wanted to as well.

Instead of using the cmd prompt, right click the Window Button, aka Start Button, and choose restart.
This will do the same thing.


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