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--- Quote from: stormchaser911 on August 26, 2014, 06:11:55 PM ---my bad wow, i just figued this out. go into Veiw and then goto color tables settings and then choose or click the table you wana change and then to the right place the updaed color table in there. But i would love to see more Color tables as i miss them and ever since Grlevelxstuff went ofline i cant find any no more. So please share. Thanks

--- End quote ---

Here are the ones I'm using, some copied, some created. The one for base reflectivity does a good job showing none precipitation (outflow boundaries, etc.) in shades of grey and slate, and the other colors seem to do a better job indicating the actual intensity.
Base Reflectivity: fade_reflectivity(2).pal
Base Velocity: Pueblo_BV.pal
Storm Relative Velocity: Pueblo_SRV.pal
Echo Tops: new_echotops.pal

Duh, ".pal" files are not permitted...the ".txt" equivalent is attached.  ](*,)

My main radar page:

...and since we have a 4 attachment are VIL, One Hour Precip & Storm Total Precip.

Does any one Have any Storm Relictivity velocity color tables along with BV and BR color tables ?  would love to see some. Thanks :)

Maybe we could change the title of this thread to just 'Color Tables' (?) I have a bunch of GR2, GR3, and GREarth color tables, I'd be happy to add on here.  :-)

Please Post those color tables for Grlevelx 2.0 as im looking for some for Storm Relectivity  Bace Rel  and so on- Post them up gang. Im dying for some  Thanks


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