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I have a new Pro2 en-route. I want to use WUHU which I currently use with an Oregon 968.

When I read the instructions for the data logger using Weather Link it says if I intend to use third party software to put the data logger in serial mode even if it is a USB data logger.

I can not tell if I then must have a usb to serial converter and a serial port on my computer or if I just set it that way and then connect the usb logger to the computer using a usb cable.

It is confusing.  What happens if I do not use WL at all and just connect using the USB cable and then run WUHU? 

Weather Display:
that applies to if its a USB data logger
and putting that into serial mode is actualy USB to serial emulation, with a com port number assigned to that driver
that will show up in device manager, ports

this usb to virual serial mode is on by default, but you do need to install  weather link at least to get that driver installed

the problem with 3rd party software only results if USB mode is selected in weatherlink instead of serial mode (USB mode being actually USBExpress mode)

I setup my new Vantage Pro2 today. I have the USB data logger. I followed the instructions received here and in the Davis instructions.   During setup of Weatherlink I checked the serial block instead of the USB as instructed. I then closed WL and starder WUHU and went to setup and selected The Davis Vatage option and then started WUHU.    It took about 5 minutes for it sinc up with the console and then it just started working just like it is supposed to.   The whole switch over was less than an hour and Wx underground picked it right up.

If you are buying and are worried about the USB data logger it seems to have worked just fine for me.

Thinking of doing this same setup with a Vantage Vue and Weather Plug IP.  Do you need weatherlink at all or can you set up with just WUHU.

Thanks for any info you can provide on your setup.

You need to run WL one time to setup the com ports.   It will also setup the initial inputs to the console if you want.   After that there is no need to run WL.

It is important to follow the instructions in WL when setting up the com ports.    You need to set them to serial even though you are using a USB data logger.   Kinda seems wrong but if you want to use third party software i.e. WUHU you must do that.

I have never setup an IP unit but I believe that the setup and com ports are going to be different.

My ISS unit is ground mounted at 4 ft and my wind gauge is at about 20ft. It is about 150 feet from my house. The console sends datat to a Toshiba netbook and from there it goes out via a satellite link to all of the sites supported by WUHU.




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