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help getting weatherlink/vws to talk to wunderground

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New computer setup. If I go the VWS wunderground button, I can upload all vantage pro 2 records to wunderground. Yet, when I access my station on wunderground it is flagged as offline. It was working fine on the old computer. This is a USB connection, BTW. Help greatly appreciated.

Can you provide your Weather Underground station name?
Weather Underground can at times be unreliable so not necessarily your issue but theirs.

I presume with weatherlink/vws you mean the Davis Weatherlink datalogger connected with Ambient Virtual Weather Station software on your PC.  Davis uses "Weatherlink" for many things (at least 6 different devices).


Thanx for the info. It's a Davis vantage pro 2 (usb) running VWS 15 and weatherlink 6.0.3 software - and yes, I am getting *intermittent* comm failures. I've replaced the USB cable, tried different ports. I've also seen the "device not found" thread on this forum. Thanks again. This is very frustrating, as you can imagine.


Oh yeah - the station name is KMATEWKS6

Are you running VWS and WL at the same time?


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