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Agris not updating on web site SOLVED finally


So I've been searching and changing files around but that only makesthings worse.
pennlake.us  WD

It seems the Air Quality Index link is working " https://feeds.enviroflash.info/rss/realtime/591.xml" But on my website it reads No Update Recieved - AQI, unknown and Data.

Thanks for any help,


So I haven't found a way to get the air quality working on my page. Plan b is to just add a link to my menu bar.

New question, so when I do that is there a way to remove that air quality section from my main page. with out goofing up the rest of the page. I would imagine somewhere in one of the dashboards scripts??

Again thanks for any help.


So I believe problem solved -- I had to make adjustments on the server to enabled allow_url_fopen for the PHP version 8.1.27.

So, it appears my problem persists.
Along with the AQI not showing up, I also was experiencing some slow access times.
Events, 3 or so weeks ago accessing pennlake.us was very slow at times.
About 3 days ago I enabled url_fopen on the server and the AQI started to display.
Still loading slow my sever provider uploaded a newer version of PHP 8.2.16 and my site loads quickly now.
Except the AQI was not displaying again
Url_fopen is on or enabled now but the AQI is again not displaying.
Back to the drawing board, lol.

So, yes still at the drawing board.
I have these installed and was wondering if I'm missing any other scripts(s), I went through the setting of what I have or could find but I don't see anything.
If anyone knows if these are all or even the right scripts, please lmk.


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