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Very Slow at Times

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So over the past few days my website has been very slow at times, almost to the point where it probably should have timed out.
So I have checked with my provider and if this will help:
Hello Frank,

I checked the resource allocation and usage for the website, and it is fine. There are plenty of resources that are free to use, but the website is still slow at times.

The page is waiting for a response from the server, but our server is serving the PHP scripts without any delay.

It looks like this page is waiting to fetch data from some external sources that are causing the delay in the website to load.


I guess my question would be are any of the NWS sites having issues that might affect my site?

So now I have this displayed:

Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class 'DOMDocument' not found in /home/hogan2/pennlake.us/get-aqi-rss.php:37 Stack trace: #0 /home/hogan2/pennlake.us/get-aqi-rss.php(27): getAQIdata('https://feeds.e...', 'realtime') #1 /home/hogan2/pennlake.us/ajax-dashboard6.php(110): include_once('/home/hogan2/pe...') #2 /home/hogan2/pennlake.us/index.php(98): include_once('/home/hogan2/pe...') #3 {main} thrown in /home/hogan2/pennlake.us/get-aqi-rss.php on line 37

If i remember I did an udate on this last month?

Ok back to normal now?????

Did you customize get-aqi-rss.php V1.02 from
--- Quote ---$urlRealtime = "https://feeds.enviroflash.info/rss/realtime/134.xml";  //San Jose, CA - Current Air Quality

--- End quote ---
That's the default url for my area's AQI.

I thought I did but?????? I will go check.

No I did not!
So is there a list for PA that I can use or just my local town name?


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