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Moved to a new server with php 8.2


Hi folks, i have had to get a new server as my old one is EOL at the end of the year so I've gotten ahead of it but with a few teething issues

1 issue is with a script i use to pull forecast data from the Met Office (datapoint) as seen here

Another issue is with the steel series on the meteotemplate but whats worse is, i cannot access the admin area, weirdly enough, i get a HTTP 500 error

Admin https://www.brecklandweather.com/meteo/admin/index.php

Steel series on the home page https://www.brecklandweather.com/index.php?p=902&lang=en#data-area
SS main page says syntax error https://www.brecklandweather.com/meteo/plugins/steelSeries/index.php

Then there's a few blocks out of whack, one is the forecast but that would be resolved if issue 1 above gets sorted.
Another is the Rain block 1 down on the right.

If anyone has any ideas it would be much appreciated, thank you.

W Thomas:
I think I'll be joining you soon. I'm having problems with my current host that they seem to be unwilling to escalate to higher tier of support. I talked with the folks at ICD Soft and I think that will be my new destination within the next month or so. They offer much more than my current solution and the support seems much better.

Anyway I hope your migration was nice and smooth!

I'm sorry I don't have a solution to you problem but is Jacyhm still supporting his program? It seemed like he took a new job andthen forgot about his creation. I remember trying to make it work on version 7.something but it not be supported thing were depriciated so no go.


--- Quote from: yamiacaveman on March 08, 2024, 07:18:16 AM ---I'm sorry I don't have a solution to you problem but is Jacyhm still supporting his program?

--- End quote ---

Jáchym is supporting Meteotemplate, check this post from 22-08-2023
And yes it is compatible with the current PHP version 8.x
Check here: https://meteotemplate.com/blog/

Meteotemplate 19.0 Cranberry
August 20, 2023 by Jachym (admin)
Hi guys, finally a new version is here.
The main purpose of this update is to make the template compatible with the latest version of PHP, which is crucial to many users.
The most recent PHP version 8.x is nowadays a standard and more and more providers only provide this PHP version.
 Unfortunately, the previous … Read more

Good to know! I always liked his program, and he put a lot of work into, perhaps I will have to add it again to my site.


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