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Sometimes Wunderground updates every 30 seconds, other times it's more than 2 minutes? Is the link Meteobridge is using out of date? Wunderground has changed so much, it is a possibility... The same station updates every 20 to 30 seconds using WS view plus.
KNCJACKS12 vs Meteobridge on KNCJACKS23

Mine does Rapid Fire every few seconds and logs to the table every 5 minutes.

What interval frequency did you specify? If it is 30 seconds AND the data has changed till last sending then updates will be done every 30 seconds. You can check the send frequency of the Meteobridge on tab "Monitor - Upload Status".

It is set to 5 second uploads and MB Upload Status shows that.

WU updates the table every 5 minutes.

I had mine on 10 seconds, but changed it to 5 seconds. It didn't make much difference if any. Watching Wundergrounds clock, it seems to be updating about every 22 seconds, because their stamp will say "updated 7 seconds ago" after it says 30 some seconds...
I looked at Upload Status on the meteobrige. It updates at 11 seconds after the minute, and 41 seconds after each time, is that normal?


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