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Not Uploading to Wunderground

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--- Quote from: Coolio on May 28, 2023, 09:50:29 AM ---It has a green board.  Thx

--- End quote ---

If you can enter SETUP MODE by pressing red button, then please use it to setup once more WiFi settings.
After proper setup please reboot logger by pressing white button.
In Setup Mode it will not send any data.

Iím back online, but it took a couple days to start transmitting data.  Thx!

Looks like my wifilogger stopped uploading data again.  I logged into the logger and it shows my data export settings are correct.  It also shows that I'm connected to my home network.  I tried rebooting the logger and still know data being uploaded. 

Any ideas?


Might want to reboot your router.  Have seen several instances where all but one device work fine until a router reboot.

Rebooting the router fixed it. Thank you.


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