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It's just a minor annoyance but has happened often in past times.... My computer has restarted after an update or I did it and I forgot to manually execute WeatherLink so it transmits to Davis. I was going to add it to the list of startup apps but that won't do any good because the Bulletin has to be clicked manually to establish the weatherstation download. Grrr. I forgot.

Does anyone know of a command line option to start the Bulletin when WeatheLink is executed? Or a different way to do this?

What about the [Auto Download] option under [Settings] or [Internet Settings] configuration under [Settings]

Hmm. What am I missing? I can't find a way to get to WeatherLink Network Upload: On until I click on upload or Bulletin.

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Could you outline in more detail exactly what you are uploading and for what purpose? Archive data, near real time and what logger?

Pro2 Console via USB to the PC using WeatherLink 6.0.5, uploading to The broken link is after a reboot and WeatherLink 6.0.5 has to have the manual step of clicking on the Bulletin to establish the communication between the PC/WeatherLink 6.0.5 to

I'm looking for a way to autostart WeatherLink 6.0.5 at boot and to have it self initiate the console download without manual intervention. If it can be done.

I have the ethernet memory adapter for the Pro2 console on my shopping list but the budget isn't cooperating so I have to play games with what I have.


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