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WOW Met Office config Vantage Pro 2


Hi All
I am trying to link my Davis VP2/Weatherlink to the WOW website  and I must admit it is a lot over my head .I have a link established to WOW but I can not do the bit that down loads data to WOW and put my location on the map I have been told I need to create a 6 digit pin number. I can not find out how or where to input this. I do not understand the computer jargon that all the info that comes up when the API 2 Documentation is activated.
 Thank you for all your help
David MM0MVX2


I presume you are trying to add WOW upload at your station on weatherlink.com.  From your WL.com account click on 'share and uploads' and select 'Upload'.  From there select either Manage Uploads or Add Upload.
From the Manage Uploads on WOW select Edit and that will show a "Set up instructions link"  which includes setting up a new station on WOW if you don't already have that  https://s3.amazonaws.com/static.weatherlink.com/docs/ThirdPartyUploadInstructions.pdf

WL.com will do the rest.  I believe the interval defaults to 15 minutes and you can change that to 5 minutes if you have a WL.com Pro paid account.


Thank you Paul for your prompt reply I will work through the info for WOW I thought it was all set up but my location is not on the map.
Thanks again I will get back if I have success or not.


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