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Mounting on Cinderblock fence

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--- Quote from: Notsorusty on December 31, 2022, 03:05:28 PM ---Keep in mind that the mounting of all weather stations is usually a compromise of some kind especially with an All-In-One device. Either a height restriction, existing trees, buildings, water, roofs, pesky HOAs, etc. Even safety when maintenance is needed. Possibly a slightly taller pole could be substituted since the mounting bracket seems easily accessed for maintenance.

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Thanks, Vasco & Notsorusty.

As an engineer with training and experience in heat transfer I'm well aware possible effects on the readings. However,  I believe the sensors are high enough above the fence to minimize the effects. I'll be keeping an eye on readings and comparing with other nearby Weather Underground stations.

Yes, a longer pole is possible. I might do that if necessary. No HOA restrictions at any might I might be willing to install.


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To do it right get a pole and mount the unit well above that block wall.

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Yeah, concur. That's bad temp/humidity data waiting to happen.

I agree that if you are trying to collect data for research it is important to keep extremely accurate data. But if you are a hobbyist or just want to see what is going on in your "micro-climate" the placement of your equipment should be the "best you can do". Raising the pole could improve the wind and temperature readings. Wind is always the hardest to achieve accurately unless you can reasonably mount it 30 feet in the air and away from 40 foot trees and tall buildings. Temp and rainfall are also problematic unless you have an extremely large open yard for placement. Temp should usually be about 5 or 6 feet but not completely in shade or under a roof. Very difficult to achieve with an All-in-one.


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