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Although your situation will be different than mine. I wrote a how-to regarding a custom local install of the WeeWX/belchertown skin(thanks to vinceskahan for his help).

You may find it useful to get you going. Not sure what your computer skills are but mine are low (baby-step low).The "how-to" does have some tips/examples that should save you some time. In some parts, you will also need to follow Pat O'Brian's installation guide.
Good luck!


One other question... will I have to have a computer up and running 24/7 to make this work?


--- Quote from: TMThomson on November 03, 2022, 12:24:37 PM ---gszlag,

One other question... will I have to have a computer up and running 24/7 to make this work?

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I have run this skin both as a public web site(see how-to Part II) and as a local install on my home network.

If you want to create a public web site that everyone has access too, you will need to run WeeWX (with the belchertown skin installed) 24/7 on some sort of computer that is uploading your weather station data continuously to a web host.

The computer does not have to be expensive but you should have a dedicated computer just for this purpose.. You can use a raspberry pi microcomputer (unfortunately, unobtanium at the moment) or almost any old desktop or laptop computer that can run linux.

Or if you want to experiment, you can install linux on a usb drive and run it from a Windows machine. I believe WeeWX can also be installed directly on a macbook.

My "test bed" machine is a full install linux distribution on a USB flash drive attached to an old macbook.

Depends what your needs are. Right now, belchertown is running locally on a raspberry pi (zero 2W) on my flatscreen TV with an audience of exactly two eyeballs - a really big display console!

I would suggest installing and running belchertown locally on your network. You will learn a lot.

Creating a web site is a bit more work. Remember - baby steps first!


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