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Fall/Winter 2022

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It's time, already(?)

Yesterday, last full day of summer, temps in mid 80s. This morning woke up to low 50s.

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Coldest morning in a while—it's fallen to 50.8°F here at my PWS this morning. Keep in mind I'm right at a river, so temps aren't reflective of places further inland (e.g. less radiational cooling, other places in ENC have fallen well into the 40s). Quite the change with the end of summery temps

The farmers have been busy, image on left is from Aug 31st, the one on the right is from today (Oct 8th)

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The fall colors should also start showing if we can get some clear, cloudless days in the northeast.

Premature postage. Today's image for the Northeast showing the color change:

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My nephew in Vermont sent me some incredible fall drone pics from today.
That's the one thing I miss about living up north.


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