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Downeaster / Cape Cod Wind Speed Device


First and foremost, apologies if this is in the wrong "section". I'm wanting to know if anyone owns one of these wind sensors and speed instruments I'd like to know specifically if it has a smooth needle movement like the Maximum or if it samples every few seconds like in this video

I thank you in advance and if you know of any videos out there that show the Downeaster in operation, please share the link. Thanks!

So are you expecting an anemometer needle to move instantaneously?


--- Quote from: Mattk on June 25, 2022, 09:14:44 PM ---So are you expecting an anemometer needle to move instantaneously?

--- End quote ---

What I'm wanting to see is the type of movement as demonstrated in this video (click here ) and not like the unit I posted in the original post of the Downeaster in that video.

No idea, but it "sounds" like it should as it calls the sensor a generator which implies an old style analogue unit. Plus the length of time they seem to have been making these units.

If nobody knows for sure then you need to ask them I guess.

I believe the Downeaster instrument is a digital instrument that drives an analog output which is why it requires AC power and has a delayed choppy response.

The Cape Cod instrument is pure analog like the Maximum Vigilant & Maestro, no power required for speed, I've played with one in the distant past but the back side photo clearly shows the design hasn't changed in 40+ years.

The Cape Cod w/gust is powered but I think the power is only for the gust recording and the present speed is pure analog.


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