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TOA lightning project, I think it was microsferics


A couple years ago a new attempt at time of arrival lightning network, not Blitzortung, was coming on line.  The project was about to ship kits, and my initial order was cancelled just as it was being shipped.  After some time I got a note that I could reorder, from the new engineer in another country, but despite numerous messages to him, nothing happened.

I think  this was the same group that was doing StrikeStar or such, but my memory is fading.

I have looked at a few places, and don't see much activity for that group.  Did it fizzle out?  Is it getting enough stations in various areas (Europe was the area of initial development I think, so there are a few older places listed there.

I know that with Blitz a lot of stations are necessary to get enough data points to make it work, something like thirty or so and things took off.

My Blitz Blue is just fine, but was hoping that yet another source and place to contribute to was in the works.

Any updates on this or is it history?  Dale

Hi Dale,

The Microsferics network is still operational, I have a station running in the northwest of the UK.
I know there's been supply problems with electronic components due to global issues which have effected production of the units.
Use the contact form on the Astrogenic website:   I'm sure Relko will be able to assist you.


Thanks for the update from an actual user. I appreciate that.

I will email Relko to see what the status is for USA users.  Dale

Another batch of TOA units is coming out shortly, check the Astrogenic Webshop.

Finally, after many unforeseen delays we have 20 pcs. of the Microsferics ( TOA system ready to ship right away.

⚡Each lightning detection system includes a fully assembled and tested TOA Compute Unit V5 device, outdoor E-field sensor, power supply, external GPS antenna and 2 year warranty. No soldering or assembly required.

⚡Certain peripherals such as Ethernet cable, RG58/RG6 sensor coax cable, outdoor enclosure etc. that are easy to source locally (or already found at home) are not included to save on costs.

⚡Due to the continuing semiconductor supply shortages and the current political situation I can't say when the next batch will become available.

⚡Please check the link above and let me know if you have any questions.


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