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I see that Windows 11 (as and when the main public version is released) is reputed to be able to run Android apps. Assuming this rumour is true and just out of curiosity, it might be interesting to see if it will run the Weatherlink for Android app - this shows a little more information than the Bulletin in the browser app for stations that you don't own or have a share for.

I've been hearing a lot of buzz about Windows 11 and its ability to run Android apps. It's an exciting development for anyone who loves the convenience of mobile apps but prefers using a computer. As for the Weatherlink app, it would be interesting to see if it works on Windows 11. I'm not sure if anyone has tested it yet, but it's definitely worth a shot once the public version of Windows 11 is released. By the way, have you upgraded to Windows 11 yet? If you're in need of a Windows 11 Pro key, there are plenty of websites out there that sell 'em for cheap. Just make sure you do your research and find a reputable seller.


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