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Can you post Boltek LD-350 Data on Website???


Is it possible to push the lightning strike data on your website for the public to view? If so, is there required hardware/software that is needed to do so?

I use a modified version of Lightning 2000 (L2K) to publish to my website.  The modification to L2K is no longer available to my knowledge but L2K can send data to a web site.

The original author of L2K passed away a few years back but the software is still being sold by someone else.

I have no affiliation with the following website but this is where you can buy L2K.

Good Luck


Michael M:
Yes it is possible to upload your data from Lightning 2000 software to your website.
Did it for 17 years

There is two options Astrogenic System Stormview/Nexstorm

I believe Lightning 2000 software is available.


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