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New DIY station setup - Davis sensors with ESP32 and Home Assistant + ceilometer

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I thought people here might appreciate some details of a fairly DIY weather station setup I've been working on the past couple of months.

I've had some Davis VP sensors in the loft for a few years and have been meaning to set up something custom, and finally got around to it after using the ESPHome software and realising that it would be perfect to integrate them into Home Assistant (which I use extensively for home automation etc).

I will upload the ESPHome configuration to Github at some point, because it might be useful to others, I had to write a few custom sensors to get it working correctly.  Basically the direction vane is connected to an analogue pin and translated into degrees, the rain bucket and anememoter are connected to pulse counters which are translated into mm/mph.  I also am using some cheap DS18B20 temperature sensors, and a relay to switch the rain gauge heater.  I bought a BME280 sensor to get humidity too but it didn't seem to work on the ESP32 for some reason (it worked on a Wemos D1 for testing though, odd).

The wind sensors are on a 34mm (3mm wall thickness) steel pole bolted to the house wall, currently 3.5m above the brackets, but I will raise it up a bit more I think to clear it as far as possible from the roof. I managed to get it up just before a storm here and I measured 61mph so I think it's all strong enough!   The rain gauge etc. is at the end of a patio roof, approx 3m from the house. I think it's overall in the most sensible place for the moment.

Finally, I picked up an Eliasson CBME80 ceilometer off eBay just before xmas (sold as unknown condition but works perfectly!), and it has been a project to integrate the raw data from that into something useful.

Wow, great first post! All sorts of interesting stuff here.

Welcome to the Forum!

Great to see ingenuity above and beyond!

Simply awesome. I love the DIY angle.

I have ESP Pico and BME inside grow tent working well. Works fine on full size also.

I use this setup:


--- Quote from: davidmc36 on December 30, 2020, 03:58:34 PM ---Simply awesome. I love the DIY angle.

I have ESP Pico and BME inside grow tent working well. Works fine on full size also.

I use this setup:

--- End quote ---

Thanks, it made me wonder if the style I bought is just a bit flakey, so I ordered one in that PCB style to see if it's better!

Today's work has been processing the raw signal data from the ceilometer to see if I can plot pretty graphs, and it works!


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