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Secret Nazi Weather Station in North America


Very interesting story about a secret weather station in North America during WWII.

Just watch it before reading follow-up posts or it will will probably ruin the suspense of the video.

Very Cool

Wikipedia article

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Pretty Cool.  While the German need for weather information is well known ( we rounded up their stations in Greenland early in the war) what is really fascinating is what happened to the U-537 afterwards.  She was sunk by a US submarine in the Java Sea!

"2nd patrol
U-537 sailed from Lorient on 25 March 1944 and traveled around Africa, and then crossed the Indian Ocean to Batavia, which she reached on 2 August after a voyage of 131 days.

3rd patrol
U-537 left Batavia for Soerabaja on 1 October 1944, and began her third and final patrol on 9 November. On that day she was spotted and sunk with all hands 58 officers and men in the Java Sea, at position 713′S 11517′E, by torpedoes from USS Flounder (SS-251)"

I never knew we fought the Germans in the Pacific!  So Blutarski from Animal House might have been onto something when described the Germans attacking us at Pearl Harbor.  ;-)


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