Author Topic: EB 2016 script does not work with PHP 7.3  (Read 573 times)

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EB 2016 script does not work with PHP 7.3
« on: June 02, 2020, 08:56:05 AM »
Hi to all PHP and MYSQL gurus out there!

I find it such a shame that this beautiful script of HENKKA is not updated to PHP 7.3, my server is also running MariaDB and the mysql files included in this script is not working 100% on my site. That is really a shame because it is such a very informative one page script that shows everything. I am trying for three years now to find the glitches and the errors in the pages and the database but with limited luck. I have been for hours and hours on stackoverflow, dozens off online tools like php code checkers, SQL-tools and converters but with no luck so far. :-(  Is there someone who can fix the SQL-file to work with MariaDB and the errors in the scripts? I am even prepared to donate an amount if you could convert it succesfully to PHP 7.3. I find it such a shame that this script would end it's life because of an PHP-upgrade.....On this site you can see the fully working script, i contacted Henkka several times and even gave a donation but i don't hear from him, he must be very busy :sad:

Thanks to everyone in advance willing to help me!

In the attachment is the SQL-uery that should be converted to work with MariaDB.

Marc AKA Staccermaccer,
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