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--- Quote from: Jáchym on November 15, 2016, 05:12:25 AM ---Hi,
use a table:

<table style="width:98%;margin:0 auto">
    <td style="width:50%;text-align:center">
       <img name="refresh" src="http://weather.inverellit.com/images/Wcam1.jpg" alt="Webcam Image" style="width:98%;margin:0 auto">
    <td style="width:50%;text-align:center">
       <img name="refresh2" src="http://weather.inverellit.com/images/Wcam2.jpg" alt="Webcam Image 2" style="width:98%;margin:0 auto">

--- End quote ---

Thanks Everyone,

I've put just this code in http://weather.inverellit.com/webcams2.htm, but no refresh code or titles.

Can someone show me how to modify the java refresh script?

Sorry, like I mentioned, I'm really not up on html & Java.



You have the Javascript commented out, you have to delete this:


Please excuse my ignorance.

I do have a little programming experience, but this is code I don't understand.

My current page, with the single camera seems to auto refresh, http://weather.inverellit.com/webcams.htm and it has the "<!--"

I presume that piece of Java would need to accommodate the 2 different images, but again I don't quite get what the java is doing in relation to the html.


I personally would use jQuery for this, which is a library that makes JavaScript a lot easier to work with. And it would also make it much easier for the full screen popups. It is of course possible to do it all in just plain Javascript, but this is easier.

OK, Im going to have a look at it, just hang on I will post the script here, I will make it simple you can then play around with the styling


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